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Black Window Frames: A Simple Look Is This Year’s Hottest Design Trend

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Style and innovation are at the heart of Pella® windows and doors, with designers and builders choosing Pella when designing eye-catching rooms with black window frames.

From local contractors to television design stars like HGTV’s “Boise Boys,” Pella Impervia® replacement windows are taking a featured role for customers who seek a fresh window style.

Read on to discover why black window frames are some of the hottest products currently, and how Pella products meet your needs.

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Black is sleek: Basic black lines that establish a dramatic impact for your home. Black-framed exterior windows and sliding doors are trendy thanks to their versatility regardless of the house and can offer a contemporary look to your home. Homeowners and designers alike choose black trim windows for their effectiveness to contrast current design with a strong link to the outdoors, subtly combining outdoor and indoor feels.

Impervia Black Windows 

Expansive glass in clean lines: Current homeowners are hunting for increased simplicity in room design, with distinct edges and crisp lines. Houses with black windows provide a frame to incorporate the outside world into their homes with large, non-obtrusive windows and lift-and-slide patio doors. The result: attention-getting views, more natural light and a high-end look that is often more cost-effective than homeowners expect.

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Dramatic contrast: When a black interior window is combined with white walls or black exterior windows are placed with white trim, a home suddenly establishes a distinct contrasting look that draws in the eye without overtaking a room. The sophistication of the color black also brings a number of opportunities as it can pair with nearly everything. Regardless of your home’s interior style, inside or out, black window frames can be the perfect pairing. And because this unobtrusive look accents your room on its own, implementing black frame windows into your home design makes adding window treatments unnecessary.

Impervia Black trim window 

Modern, but timeless: There’s a reason that the idea of a “little black dress” never goes out of popularity. Regardless of what styles come and go, a clean black line can create a subtle, but dramatic impact. Whether it’s painted wood, aluminum or fiberglass window frames, the subtle detail of a black window frame will continue to be modern and timeless all at once.

Boise Boys ExteriorPhoto attributed to TIMBER AND LOVE and BOISE BOYS

Just as the Boise Boys know, no matter what your replacement window or door project necessitiesare, Pella offers styles that capture the eye, make dreams into reality, and keep your home looking current, all with quality craftsmanship you’ll be able to count on for years.

Discover more about how Pella can give you the latest designs for your home by reaching out to us at 828-202-8489 or schedule an in-home consultation using our online scheduler.

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